What can you do to add value to your home?

There are numerous elements that can help raise the resale value of your Austin, TX area based home when it comes to enhancing its value. Whether you want to sell your home soon or simply want to make some upgrades that will pay off in the long run, making certain modifications will help draw buyers and possibly raise the overall worth of your home.

The following are areas you might focus attention to in order to increase the value of your house when it comes time to sell:

Renovations to kitchens

A kitchen makeover is among the most common home improvements that can increase the value of your home. A kitchen remodel is one of the most sought-after amenities for house purchasers, per a National Association of Realtors poll. Depending on your goals and budget, upgrading your kitchen can involve anything from small cosmetic adjustments to a total makeover.
Consider installing new worktops, backsplashes, cabinets, and appliances when remodeling your kitchen. A wall removal or an island addition for more storage and counter space would also be something to think about if you want to open up the area.

Bathroom Improvements

The bathroom is another room in the house that has a big impact on how much your property is worth when you sell it. Consider making improvements like installing new flooring, vanities, and fixtures. A second bathroom or a half-bath can also be a significant selling feature for potential purchasers.

Energy-saving attributes

These days, a lot of purchasers are searching for homes with energy-saving technologies that can minimize their power costs and lessen their carbon imprint. By adding features like double-pane windows, solar panels, or energy-efficient appliances, you can improve your home's appeal to buyers while simultaneously lowering your own energy costs.

Home automation technology

Many homeowners are interested in smart home technologies in today's modern world. This can involve equipment that can be operated from a smartphone or tablet, such as programmable thermostats, smart lighting systems, and home security systems. Your house's appeal to buyers and total worth can both be improved by adding smart home technology.

Gardening and Outside Living Spaces

Your property's resale value is significantly influenced by its curb appeal. A well-kept lawn, lovely landscaping, and outdoor living spaces like a deck or patio can significantly raise the value that people associate with your house. Additionally, areas with mild climates or where people spend a lot of time outside may find outdoor living spaces to be especially appealing.

Room for Storage

Storage room is one sometimes disregarded aspect that might increase the value of your house. Homes with lots of storage space are in high demand because it allows buyers to keep their possessions. To increase the appeal of your property to potential buyers, think about incorporating storage solutions like built-in cabinets or shelves, a closet organizing system, or a garage organization system.

Flooring improvements

Upgrades to your flooring are another improvement that can significantly increase the value of your house. Due to their strength, longevity, and simplicity of maintenance, hardwood floors are especially well-liked by buyers. The flooring alternatives tile, laminate, and luxury vinyl plank are also very popular.

New paint

Finally, painting your home might be a quick and low-cost strategy to increase its worth. Gray, beige, or white are neutral hues that can help your home look cleaner and brighter while also increasing its attractiveness to potential buyers.

It's crucial to keep in mind that not all improvements will increase the value of your house. Some improvements, like a kitchen remodel or a bathroom upgrade, can significantly affect your home's resale value. Other improvements, like smart home technology or energy-saving features, might not have as much of an impact on the resale value, but they can still increase the appeal of your home to potential buyers.

In the end, the enhancements you select have to be weighed very carefully in terms of what costs may go into those upgrades vs what you might expect to get out of them when it is time to sell.  This is why it's critical to talk to a qualified real estate agent. We are experts in the Austin real estate market and can help you with these types of decisions. Give us a call at (512) 525-8560 today and we can help you know what upgrades will be most beneficial to the value of your home.